A number of years ago, someone contacted Muin'iskw with a very important request. A man was dying, and he had only recently discovered that he carried native blood - a fact that was denied by his family. He had expressed a strong need for an eagle feather, even though he was not clear on the significance of it, and the person he spoke to knew that Muin'iskw would be able to provide one in a good way. She was not able to present it in person, due to the issues in his family, but she sent along a letter to help explain the meanings of the eagle feather in our tradition. Her explanation is poignant and powerful, and I thought that sharing it, at least in part, is a good way to bring those teachings to other people.


Significance of the Eagle Feather

The Eagle is a symbol of many things including: respect, honour, humbleness, truth, love, natural power, strength, courage, wisdom and Freedom, everything that is positive. It is believed that there is a special connection with the Eagle to the Creator.

The Eagle is considered to be a messenger to Creator. It was given the responsibility of carrying the prayers of man and woman between the World of Earth and the World of Spirit, were the latter is the most sacred place where Creator and the ancestors reside.

It is believed that to wear or hold an eagle feather causes the Creator to take immediate notice. With the eagle feather, the Creator is being honoured in the highest and most humble way.

The eagle feather has two sides…this represents balance of all that is male and female; night and day; right and wrong, as well, life and death.

To be given an eagle feather is an honour. It reveals who we are and where we come from. Never be ashamed of who you are and hold the feather high towards the Creator, yet hold it close to your heart, your spirit.

I give you this eagle feather so that it will accompany you on your journey in this world and into the spirit world. Pray using this feather, acknowledge the life you have lived… acknowledge all the good you have had in your life…but do not forget to acknowledge the bad in your life also. After you have prayed with the feather, cleanse yourself with it, start at the top of your head and wipe your head by using the feather. Do this to all of your body you can have someone help you although, do not have a person touch the feather if they had alcohol within four days. When you have finished cleansing your body, hold the feather firmly and flick it firmly to get rid of what your body has carried for all your life.

When its time for your spirit’s journey upon the spirit road the eagle feather will ease your fear, it will take the cloud of confusion away that may linger in front of your journey and allow for peace to settle in…embrace it, embrace it all.

Thank you for your gift to me, I am honoured to have been the one to give you this feather, I only wish I could have done it in person, although I do understand why it cannot be. May your journey be peaceful when it begins, and in my beliefs there is more that our spirits will be doing when we leave this place, which is only our temporary home. Your real home is out there in our vast universe…

I hope my words bring you comfort
Jean McIsaac (Bear Woman)


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